Copyright Dr. Natasha Moni

Copyright Dr. Natasha Moni

Naturopathic appointments

Dr. Moni sees patients on Saturday mornings and early afternoons, by appointment only. A first office visit consists of a detailed health review, along with a brief hands-on treatment. If you and Dr. Moni determine that it is more important to focus on your case during the first session, then hands-on treatment can be delayed until a follow-up visit. Typically, Dr. Moni does not prescribe a homeopathic remedy during the first few visits and she will only do so with your consent. She may provide treatment advice in-office and/or through the secure Helios Patient Portal offered via her electronic health record system, OptiMantra.

Naturopathic appointment fees

  • First Office Visit: 90 minutes, $250

  • Return Office Visit: 60 minutes, $175

  • *Referred by Medical Provider for Initial Hands-On Treatment: 60 minutes, $200

    ($175 for first, abbreviated office visit and a one-time administrative fee of $25; this service is only available to patients who will remain under the care of their current naturopathic physician, while being referred to Dr. Moni for hands-on treatment)

  • *Referred by Medical Provider for Follow-Up Hands-On Treatment: 60 minutes, $175

  • Missed Appointments: Except in the case of acute illness or emergency, all appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged 50% of the scheduled fee.

  • Check Returned for Insufficient Funds: $30

    All payments must be received at the time of service via cash or check written to Helios Center for Whole Health. Credit card is not offered at this time. Superbills will be provided upon request, through the Helios Patient Portal, for you to submit to insurance for potential, partial reimbursement.